We strive to ensure that your order arrives in perfect condition and as expected. However, should you find any issue with your purchase from marouchocolate.sg, our return and refund policies are as follows:

Reporting Issues

If your chocolates are damaged, melted, incorrectly shipped, or if you encounter any other problems, please reach out to us at care@marouchocolate.com.

If your chocolate is broken but NOT melted or discolored, the bar is still considered to be in good condition for tasting and enjoying. There will be no refund possible. This can happen even though we try to take the utmost care, sorry for the inconvenience.

Required Proof

Please include photographic evidence in your email. This will assist us in determining the best way to resolve the issue. Please note that we can only compensate for damages up to the value of the product.

Exceptions to our Guarantee

The following situations fall outside our policy:

  • Delivery to an incorrect or incomplete address as provided by the customer.
  • Changes to the delivery address after the order has shipped which require package rerouting.
  • The product has damaged/melted/discolored post-delivery.
  • Delays during shipping that are outside of our control.
Due to the perishable nature of our chocolate, we cannot accept returns or refunds for non-damaged goods.

Unclaimed Packages

If a package is not collected on the courier's first visit or if multiple delivery attempts fail, we regret that a refund will not be possible.